Finding peace

So last night I was out with mom. As we were coming back home late night, we saw an old man, playing the flute. His clothes were in tatters, his eyes were down, seeing something, only he can see, with a slight smile on his face. As we passed by him, we realized there were three little children who were about to sleep in the cycle cart under the shade of the neem which stood proud by the side of the road. There was no crowd around him, which stood out to me.

Seeing that I felt happy. Is there a peace greater than that? There he was, not a shelter above his head, probably struggling to keep his children sheltered from the harshness of the life and he was playing the flute so beautifully to lull them to sleep. His children, as I gazed upon them briefly, had a content expression on their faces, their eyes almost drooping. They were not more than 9.

When was the last time you went to sleep content, filled with peace, inside the comfort of your homes? We work so hard all our lives, always worrying about the future. Maybe, every once in a while we need to stop that worrying. We ain’t getting any younger. Spend some time with your family, your friends, go have a long walk along the sea, gaze out at the stars. It’s the little things that matter and learn to appreciate them in your life. When was the last time you surprised your wife by coming home early or on time, instead of making excuses for being late today also? Go out with your friends who’ve been insisting you meet them for a cup of tea and talk. Work can wait. Over long run, it will not be enough. These are the moments you cherish.


Are all girls saints? Are all boys jerks?

We look around us and watch. One of the most common things we see is a guy and a girl fighting. But is it all that there is to it? Or is it something more? Do we peel back the layers and see? Are all girls really saints? Are all guys jerks? Why do we see the world in black and white? No doubt, we are gender-biased.

We forget that we all have our shortcomings as humans. We make mistakes – it’s okay to make mistakes. Don’t we all? Then why this bias? We automatically assume it’s the guy’s fault and he did wrong to her. Sometimes it may be the other way round. Or maybe it’s not even their fault, it’s the circumstances around them.

Maybe it’s time and we see the people as they are – in shades, the shades of grey. Maybe it’s time to forgive. Time to remember that these are also human beings, and they are also struggling with the tides and ebbs of life, just like us. Maybe it’s a facade.

After all, who are we to decide – who among us is the god, who is the demon? We are all alike, whether we like it or not.

First Rain of The Season

So, I ┬ájust finished mixing the drinking chocolate in the milk. And, I hear the first few drops of rain. And I’m happy. Just looking at the rain, I’m happy and I’m singing to my sister, “The rain’s finally here.” She, being her, rolls her eyes. I don’t know why I was so happy – maybe because it would be a welcome respite from all the heat or maybe because the romantic season is finally here or it may be due to the freshness it brings. It feels like the arrival of a long-awaited guest! Some associate this season with gloom and dread while some with romance and its playfulness. For me, it’s the latter.

Now, the rain’s steadily increasing – the constant splattering on the pavement, the trees swaying this way and that, the cars splashing fellow pedestrians with water and me, sitting in my balcony, sipping my chocolate and writing this post. The clouds are gurgling and oh my god – I just remembered the clothes! Never mind, now. They’re, probably, already dripping!

I can already hear the singing of the peacocks. And now, the unbearable humidity is gone; there’s just cool drafts wafting in. I feel happy, and I want you to be happy, to share with my happiness.

It feels like the trees are saying something, they’re dancing, asking me to join in, the peacocks are calling me, the clouds are playing, and I remember my mother’s advice “Don’t go out to play in the first rain,” and I sit back down. But I can still enjoy from here and that’s it for now, I’m keeping my tab down.

Be happy!