Curiouser and Curiouser



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So a friend asked me what I thought about this photo as an editor. Now, I will not be able to express my opinion on this in my role as an editor. I must step into the role of a writer to be able to articulate my thoughts better.

First impression that you get is just some weird photo of an astronaut in his/her spacesuit. Why, you ask, does this photo seem weird then at the first glance? Because we see one leg firmly planted on ground, solid earth, and one that’s in the air, we see the space there. And then you notice the sign Planet Earth. That’s his station. So he’s a traveller.

So a place and time where we are able to traverse through trains that run through space where the stations are these celestial bodies present in our solar system. This future does not seem too far off now that Tesla’s managed to put a supercar out there in the asteroid belt with Bowie’s music playing in the vacuum!

What I love is the sheer creativity behind this photo. The idea of people using these trains, and I say train because it seems to be a train station, to go between planets or even let’s say something as small as the distance between the earth and the moon! Which’d make you contemplate, or rather force you to contemplate about communities living on the moon. And if frequent travel is possible, then there is scope for a community to be able to grow there if it is in fact able to host life. Earth is just one of the few stops.

Also, what I find curious is that the station is empty, devoid of any stalls or people. And above all, the thing rousing my curiosity the most is the balloon. Why is it placed there? What purpose does it serve? And the heart signifies it may be a gift from a lover, but the weight that’s on the forward foot conveys a certain eagerness of this visitor to make his/her way to someone or something. Maybe the heart-shaped balloon is meant for their special someone. But still it doesn’t end my curiosity. Does it yours? I want to have a look beyond that pillar. Towards the foot of the staircase. Maybe there is someone there, waiting?

And you wonder about those trains. How do they look like? How fast would they need to run? What fuel does it use? Also, do these trains use stars as their tracks or maybe for navigation? You feel like you’re opening a never-ending matryoshka doll as you delve deeper.

So many questions. So little answers. But what comes to mind is once again this quote from Alice in Wonderland. ‘Curiouser and curiouser’ as she famously said.