Sorrow – What is it to you?

Sorrow is the texture of an old jeans. It sounds like the fans in an air conditioner, a constant reminder – always there. It looks like the bark of an old, withering, bitter neem tree. It tastes like curd – sweet and sour in equal measure; and it smells like a red chilli, in its sharpness and bluntness, bringing tears to your eyes.



Author: rainbowjh

I am fond of cycling and long walks near the end of the day. I love reading, writing, learning new things, dancing, editing, annoying my little sis. Do check out my posts. I am not able to update regularly but hope you do end up liking the posts. Also, I'll be happy to edit any post or book if you are looking for someone to go over it, just let me know in advance in the comments.

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