Are all girls saints? Are all boys jerks?

We look around us and watch. One of the most common things we see is a guy and a girl fighting. But is it all that there is to it? Or is it something more? Do we peel back the layers and see? Are all girls really saints? Are all guys jerks? Why do we see the world in black and white? No doubt, we are gender-biased.

We forget that we all have our shortcomings as humans. We make mistakes – it’s okay to make mistakes. Don’t we all? Then why this bias? We automatically assume it’s the guy’s fault and he did wrong to her. Sometimes it may be the other way round. Or maybe it’s not even their fault, it’s the circumstances around them.

Maybe it’s time and we see the people as they are – in shades, the shades of grey. Maybe it’s time to forgive. Time to remember that these are also human beings, and they are also struggling with the tides and ebbs of life, just like us. Maybe it’s a facade.

After all, who are we to decide – who among us is the god, who is the demon? We are all alike, whether we like it or not.